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Dear Friend,

My name is Bobby Rio, and for the last 8 years I’ve been teaching over 157,751 guys in 30 countries how to have better lives with women. But there’s one thing I haven’t yet covered…

And that’s how to cure the widespread ‘biological’ disease turning millions of the most virile, red-blooded men out there right now… perhaps even YOU too…

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Let me explain…

See, I’m a man that loves sex just like you.

And, until pretty recently, I hadn't given the subject of ‘Testosterone’ much thought.


But since hitting my mid-30’s last year I’ve been noticing a distinct lack of sexual energy and drive…

Now, my girlfriend is a pretty understanding girl. But every woman has her limits you know?

The fact is, women NEED sex just as much as men.

And if you’re not giving her what she wants… well, its only a matter of time before another man will.

And I really didn't want that to happen. I loved her!

So, I went to my doctor about it and he suggested taking some pills … which were a complete waste of time.

I was stuck. And I was scared. And I didn’t know who to turn to for help. So, I went and hired a few independent medical researchers to help me create …

Now, I value your time and I know how precious the hours of the day are to you. So let’s make sure reading this heart-felt letter is the best use of your time today.

Do Any Of The Conditions Below Apply To You?

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  • Are you frequently tired?
  • Is your sexual desire diminished?
  • Do you have low motivation to get things done?
  • Do you have a hard time getting and keeping an erection?
  • Are you finding it more difficult to stay in shape?

Look, if any of these sound painfully familiar to you right now, then you need to get this handled, because it will just get worse.

Truth is… If you’re not waking with a good hard “morning wood’ at least several times per week right now…

… And if your erections are NOT firing off spontaneously and uncomfortably in your pants when you see a girl with a nice pair of tits… or firm round ass at the beach these days … then don’t you dare ignore it! Why?

Because it’s likely you’re suffering from low Testosterone. And if you leave it untreated for too long you could end up reaching the point of ‘no return’ where your dick will NEVER get hard again.

What’s worse?

Your dick will actually retract up into your body, shrink, wither… and for all intents and purposes when it comes to sex?

And when that happens you WILL lose your woman, and other girls won’t go near you, it’s as simple as that.

Now, as I mentioned before I’ve been on an urgent mission to find the most effective testosterone solution.

I’ve spent a fortune on pills, drinks, ‘therapy’ — I even heard of one guy being offered penal injections at one point — no thanks!

Some of it helped a little, some of it was pure baloney, and almost all of it was pretty confusing… so I was left to try to figure out what really works and what doesn’t.

It took a LOT of time. And I'm an impatient man. (I'll bet you are too.) My deepest wish was always to come across something or someone who would just make all the nonsense go away, clear away the fog…

… And finally just GIVE me the secrets of how to boost my testosterone in a simple way I could understand and use.

You can avoid all my goofs and do everything right from the get-go. That's because I show you everything you need to know about increasing your T-levels in my 67-page e-book, “The Testosterone Blueprint.”


You’ll learn from my "expensive experience" the pitfalls to avoid and discover the four 100% natural (and most importantly, safe!) triggers that’ll simulate all the ndless natural testosterone you could ever want … from your own body!

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FACT: You may not know this…

But, if you’re 35 or over Traditional Exercise is the biggest killer of your Testosterone ever!


Because traditional exercise actually depletes your body’s lagging energy rather than giving you more of it.

Let’s face it: “old school” exercise not only doesn’t work if you’re over 35… it’s dreadfully boring, routine and no fun at all!

So how do you fight through this roadblock?

In the Testosterone Blueprint you’ll discover…

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The 3rd Trigger You Need is:



“Question: Do you absolutely NEED to take vitamins to boost your testosterone?”

Answer: YES!

Now, as important as it is to know what supplements to take. .. it’s also important you know what to you avoid.

For example....

The 4th Trigger You Need is:


You see, what most so called “experts” won’t tell you is that even if you’re taking the best supplements. (paying top dollar!)

Doing the best work outs (5 x a week or more!) if your lifestyle is not conducive to boosting testosterone…


(And that’s why its so vital you discover these simple lifestyle boosting secrets like…)

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Bobby Rio

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There's an even bigger problem with your Low-T count than you may have realized.

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