Day #12: How to “Tease” Girls

Today at the gym I witnessed a guy crash and burn bad talking to some chick.

He made a classic mistake A LOT of guys make who are just starting to learn to how to “flirt.”

The girl he was talking to had a fairly large tattoo on her wrist.

His convo was going ok.

Then he says: “You’re gonna regret that tattoo when you’re Fifty.”

He probably watched an episode the The Pickup Artist a couple years ago.  Thought he was “negging” her.

He wasn’t.

That wasn’t a neg.

It wasn’t teasing.

It was just an asshole comment.

I know.

I used to make those sort of comments all the time.  ( still do from time to time, but now its mainly for my amusement :)

He got the same result that I used to.

The girl gave him a weird look.  Got a little defensive.

Then walked away.

…and that’s the difference between “teasing” and making an asshole comment.

Teasing makes an interaction more fun. Mor playful.  It’s flirting. And it takes the girl back  to the playground.

Asshole comments kill momentum. They make a woman feel uncomfortable.

Yesterday you were supposed to grab a copy of the Teasing and Banter Cheat Sheet.  Important that you read through this as it explains “The Theory of Expectations”.  If you haven’t read it yet, get it here: Get it Here.

How do you know the difference between teasing and making and asshole comment?

Here’s some examples:

Making a joke about the amount of time she must take to get ready (teasing)

Telling a girl you see “grey” in her hair (asshole)

Telling her that you can totally imagine her as school teacher cuz she’s got a “bossy” side (teasing)

Saying to a girl who is a school teacher “Is it true that those that can’t DO… teach…” (asshole)

It’s a fine line between teasing and being an asshole.

Make sure that what you’re teasing her about is NOT belittling her, or it does not come across as condescending.

How do you begin to tease her?

Listen to her. But listen carefully.

A woman will give you all of the ammunition  you possibly need to quickly turn the  conversation to a more playful level.

What are you listening for? You are on the lookout for anything that she says that you can twist.

Or things to misinterpret. Something that you can use to tease her with.

Some things to listen for:

  • A bossy side
  • Her blonde side
  • Double entendres (particular ones that can be taken as sexual)
  • Paranoid
  • Her wild side
  • Naiveness

Once you hear this any of these your in. You can twist and turn them into something kind of playful joke.

Say you’re talking to a girl. And she tells you a story about how she yelled at one of her co-workers for cutting in front of her at the copy machine.

You could say:

“Nice… a girl with a bossy side.  Are you one of those girls who throws a temper tantrum when she don’t get her way?”

(Stomp your feet on the ground in mock temper tantrum)

“That’s cool though. I like bossy girls. Just not in the bedroom.  You don’t have whips and chains hiding under your bed, do you?”

That’s teasing.

That’s being playful.

That’s bringing it back to the playground.

It’s funny…

Cause when you’re doing it right… The girl will say “you’re such an ASSHOLE.”

When you’re doing it wrong she’ll get quiet and likely walk away….

Make it Happen

Bobby Rio

P.S. Another thing to keep in mind is to always to try to tease a girl about how she’s acting…

…and avoid teasing her about how she looks or things she can’t change about herself.

It’s all laid out in here:

==>  Make Her Horny with Humor

P.P.S. Tomorrow you learn a super “easy” way to approach a girl and start a conversation.

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